About us

Canadian Casinos Online is a website started by people who saw the need to provide a reliable guide to everything about gambling in online casinos in Canada. We want that visitors of our website can find all the information, reviews and facts that they need before signing up for any online casino and win real money. Whether it is about the casino themselves, the games that they offer, bonuses, etc. We want to provide all of that from a single place.

Our Values

Of course we fulfill our mission with a set of values that dominate all aspects of this website and the work that we do. What we want to achieve as a team is driven by:

  • Honesty. We give only true information. We don’t pretend to twist the truth in anybody’s favour, we only provide real facts that you can review and draw your own conclusions.
  • Independence. No casino or studio is involved with this website. We give our point of view about casinos and games as completely neutral subjects who want to provide facts.
  • Quality. Informed decisions require good quality information to be provided. For this reason all the people who work with us have spent years in the online casinos realm, gathering tons of knowledge and experience that we want to share.

Our Mission

Canadians love to play in online casinos. For this reason, we found that it was necessary to create a website where all the information that they need to have the best possible experience could be obtained. There were many concepts that were not clearly explained anywhere but still featured everywhere, such as methods of payment, RTP, river, etc. And this is part of what we are dedicated to here.

Once again, we are not part of any casino, we are not paid by any company. We want to give you quality information about the best games and casinos available to you and every other Canadian, so you and everybody else can make the best decisions.

Our Team

We are a team of people who is highly passionate about casino games. We have spent long years in land-based and of course online casinos. But of course we also started as beginners at some moment, and we know how confusing and overwhelming all the information and options given by casinos can be. For this reason, we found a niche where we could share our knowledge and experience, so people can decide for the best online casino.

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