Diamond Sky Casino Review

Diamond Sky Casino

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  • Diamond Sky Casino opened in 2016
  • Can be played through Facebook or through its official apps for iOS and Android
  • Hundreds of games available
  • Clients are constantly rewarded with coins and bonuses
  • No information about licenses could be found

Author: Lawrence Curtis | Published: 2020.10.25 | Updated On: 2021.05.26

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Examining Diamond Sky Casino

Diamond Sky Casino is a games site that opened in 2016. It differs from most other casinos available nowadays by the fact that it works from Facebook rather than from a stand alone website. This of course has advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed throughout this article. However, if users are not really fond of using Facebook, they still have the choice of obtaining the official and independent applications for both Android and iOS, which takes the full Diamond Sky Casino experience to the comfort of a mobile device.

Kinds of casino games

Diamond Casino has a wide variety of games. All the forms of entertainment that they offer can be accessed from both their official applications for iOS and Android and their Facebook platform. Most of the available games come in the form of slot machines. They come in many forms and shapes, meaning that it is almost impossible to have a monotonous experience when visiting Diamond Sky Casino, even for those who have already been visiting it for a longer time. However, no other things such as a poker table, roulettes, blackjack or baccarat could be found.

To make sure that Diamond Sky Casino visitors don’t get bored by encountering almost only slot machines, the casino ensures to constantly bombard customers with promotions, free coins, free spins, etc. This means that the temptation to continue wagering without stopping is always there. In general, if someone really loves slot machines, and the simplicity of having access to them directly from Facebook, then Diamond Sky Casino can be a fantastic choice. Also it is recommended to pay attention to the interesting jackpots.



As said in the previous section, a big part of the effort put by Diamond Sky Casino to persuade players to continue making use of their services, even if they are mostly about slot machines, is to constantly offer bonuses, free coins, free spins, etc. Of course no online casino would survive without offering some sort of welcome bonus. For this reason, Diamond Sky Casino offers to all new clients a bonus equivalent to a million coins. Those gold coins can be used in gambing on any game offered by the casino.

Another example of a bonus that clients will constantly encounter are the daily bonuses. They provide clients a few tens of thousands of coins during the first time that they enter the casino on a given day. Diamond Sky Casino also offers referral bonuses. This means that people who manage to convince a friend to visit the casino and create an account will also get some thousands of coins as a bonus. In general, the constant bombardment with bonuses is a key part of Diamond Sky Casino’s business model. While other casinos may focus on their wide variety of games, payout options, responsiveness of customer support or other aspects, Diamond Sky Casino puts its focus on its bonuses. This is made of course in order to ensure that people will always feel compelled to visit it every day.

Welcome bonus

1 million coins

Diamond Sky Casino Website

Is Diamond Sky Casino Scam or Legit?

When trying out Diamond Sky Casino, it was possible to convince ourselves that is totally legit. For example, when trying to buy one of its coin packages, it was promptly added to the customer’s balance. At the same time, withdrawing any reward was extremely easy and efficient. This means that people have really nothing to fear when accessing and making use of the services offered by Diamond Sky Casino. Despite having no website of its own, it was easy to notice that it was totally legit. The fact that this casino operates totally under Facebook is also proof that it can be trusted, despite some issues that Facebook has had during recent years.

However, it is still understandable that people may choose to not join Diamond Sky Casino because it is not possible to find any information about licenses or official recognitions. Any casino which has one of those will of course display those licenses as a trophy, in order to dissipate any doubts that people may have. The fact that this information about licenses is not really easy to find, most likely means that Diamond Casino doesn’t have any official license in the first place.

What if someone encounters problems with Diamond Sky free slots?

This is another aspect where Diamond Sky Casino unfortunately is severely lacking. While the software used by the company to implement the Diamond Sky free slots that they offer is extremely reliable and smooth, all casinos should be ready to jump into action and provide assistance to any player who encounters some sort of problem. Most of the online casinos have their own 24/7 customer support teams, which can be reached by email, phone or live chat.

In the case of Diamond Sky Casino, there is a contact form available from their Facebook platform. However, it is not as nearly as friendly as the one offered by other companies. When looking at it it is not easy to be convinced that using it will lead to any kind of answer. Again, the software is extremely reliable, but unfortunately any company of this kind will have a group of customers that at some moment will encounter issues with their services. If customers do not have any problem, which will probably be in 99% of the cases, the customer support will certainly not be missed, but in case someone is unlucky enough to be in that remaining 1%, good luck in getting a fast answer.


When checking the official promotional video put on YouTube by Diamond Sky Casino itself, the first screen that people will see will display a company called Design Works Gaming. When researching it was possible to discover that this is effectively the company solely responsible for the development and the upkeep of Diamond Sky Casino. While this name is probably not as famous as others like Microgaming, in general customers will still have a smooth and visually attractive experience when using these services.

Considering that most of the Internet is leaving Adobe Flash behind, it is great to know that Diamond Sky Casino already got rid of it completely. This means that their games will not have any kind of compatibility problem. On the other hand, Diamond Sky Casino has its own official applications for iOS and Android. They even have a fully functional mobile website in case players for whatever reason are unable to use said apps. Of course, it is always recommended to employ that official software whenever possible.

Mobile Casino

As said in the previous section, Diamond Sky Casino offers a fully functional mobile website and also some very interesting apps for iOS and Android. They have been developed also by Design Works Gaming, which is the company behind Diamond Sky Casino. Thanks to these apps, it is possible for Android and iOS users to independently access the casino, without the need of going through an intermediate application such as a web browser. In general this makes the experience as comfortable as it can be. It should also be summarized that unlike the case of some sport betting websites and other casinos, the Diamond Sky Casino Android application is available on Google Play, which greatly simplifies its installation process.

People who use operating systems different from Android or iOS, or that for some reason are unable to run the app in their tablet or smartphone, can use the Diamond Sky Casino mobile website, which offers a very similar level of experience as the app does. Of course it is still recommended to use the official software whenever possible, but the mobile website is still a nice alternative nonetheless.

Pros and Cons of Diamond Sky Casino

To start summarizing the information provided so far, some pros and cons can show the most relevant points about Diamond Sky Casino.


  • Very easy to access and use
  • Constant bonuses
  • Great mobile applications


  • Being subjected to the Facebook ecosystem is not something that most people are fond of
  • Not too much variety of games outside slot machines

In general, these points summarize a few aspects. Diamond Sky Casino is a great place to get started in the world of online casinos, as it is available through Facebook and does not require any complicated sign up process. On the other hand, a more experienced player may want a more diverse experience, and also probably wouldn’t like to be subjected to go through Facebook to access these services.

FAQs about Diamond Sky Casino?

As always, people tend to ask a lot of questions about Diamond Sky Casino and its services. Here some of the most frequent ones will be summarized.

Which forms of payment can be used at Diamond Sky Casino?

For what could be seen a credit card is the most easy banking option to use in Diamond Sky Casino, this is because purchases are processed through the Facebook, Google or Apple payment systems, depending if the casino is being accessed from a desktop PC, Android device or iOS gadget respectively. This in general gives enough flexibility to most players, but more options to make both deposit and withdrawal transactions would be greatly appreciated.

Does Diamond Sky Casino accept Canadian customers?

Diamond Sky Casino works in Canada and in any other country where Facebook, Apple and Google are accepted. This means that people from almost any territory in the world can access and enjoy everything that Diamond Sky Casino has to offer.

Is Diamond Sky Casino legit in Canada?

It is absolutely legit. Despite not being licensed as other casinos, the fact that Diamond Casino works under the Facebook umbrella still should demonstrate that it is totally legit, and that players have nothing to fear when accessing these services.

What is the Diamond Sky Casino’s Welcome bonus?

The welcome bonus offered by the company right now corresponds to 1.000.000 coins that can be used at any game within Diamond Sky Casino. To put things into perspective, a million coins can be purchased for approximately 3 dollars from directly inside the platform.

What about the minimum deposit allowed by Diamond Sky Casino?

Diamond Sky Casino allows deposits of even of less than a dollar to purchase a couple of hundreds of thousands of coins. Even ten cents are allowed to purchase something within this platform.

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