Online Casino Bonuses in Canada

No casino can call itself a real casino without giving a wide array of online casino bonuses to convince new players to sign up, as well as maintaining the current ones happy and active. All of them offer sign up offers to allow new customers who recently signed up to get started quickly. However, there are other great examples that every person considering to join an online casino should know.

Author: Lawrence Curtis | Published: 2020.10.04 | Updated On: 2021.05.26

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Explaining the different types of casino bonuses

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

This is the most commonly encountered kind of bonus. The amount provided by the benefit will match a certain percentage of the amount added to the balance by a customer. Usually 100%. However, this can vary between 25% to even 500% in some instances. They work like this. If a customer adds $200 to his account, a 100% match bonus is going to reward him with another $200. The great majority of the register bonuses work like this.

No deposit bonus

Not every portal offers this type of benefit However, it is still interesting to examine it as it is one that customers love the most. Unlike the match bonus, which by definition requires that the customer performs a deposit. The no deposit bonus doesn’t need any of that. After fulfilling certain requirements, customers receive some bonus amount.

Best no deposit bonus offers:

Free spins

Considering that every online casino for real money in Canada offers slot machines, this is another something that comes frequently attached to sign up bonuses. But also they can be offered as stand promotions. With these free spins customers are given the right to play in slots for free for a set amount of times.

Free bets

Many casinos also offer this type of bonus. They work like this, after a given amount of money has been spent wagering in a given time span, the company will reward clients with a given amount that can be later employed in placing even more wagers.

Bonuses for specific games

Some companies also offer bonuses that can be exclusively used in a specific game. This is mostly used when trying to introduce a new form of entertainment. However, there are also other instances where they can be given. These are nice opportunities that fans of a given game can take advantage of.

Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonus Guide: How to Claim Them

Once again, the process of grabbing these bonuses varies between companies. This applies to customers in Canada and from any other country. The terms and conditions of each bonus explain this process in detail. Some of them may require a code, while others don’t need any codes at all. However, below a guide with general steps that can be applied to any company out there will be shown.

Identify what bonus you want

While this can sound pretty obvious, there are some aspects that must be considered before choosing a specific bonus. First, make sure that this bonus is really what you want. For example, does this bonus apply only to a specific game such as poker, slots or blackjack? Is it necessary to deposit a large amount of money before obtaining it?

All these questions point to the same aspect: no bonus is free money that can be immediately withdrawn. Every bonus, no matter how small or large it is, must be played inside the casino before being allowed to cash it out if some winning is achieved.

Check the terms and conditions

When you are sure about the bonus that you have chosen, read its terms and conditions, this applies to Canadians and non Canadian customers. Most bonuses show in large and colourful letters that they give huge prizes and are the best in the market. However, most of them have conditions that maybe are not so beautiful to display in flashy words. All bonuses have a set of terms and conditions attached to them. Make sure to read and understand them, in order to learn how it works.

Also, the following aspects that are critical for players to understand will be examined as well:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Expiry dates
  • Need for a deposit
  • Overall reward

Expiry dates

Some bonuses put strict time restrictions on their use. They can be as short as a week, or as long as a month. Regardless of the case, after this set amount of time the bonus in question will expire. This is always stated in the terms and conditions.

Bonus wagering requirements

This is quite similar to the previous point, but deserves a point of its own. The wagering requirements basically dictate how to use this bonus. For example, certain promos indicate that the provided amount can only be used in a certain group of games. Most of the time also a minimum wager is established. For example, certain bonuses can be used only in wagers that are 30 times, or 50 times, etc. the gambled amount.

Many times it happens that a customer feels tricked because the bonus didn’t work as they expected. It turns out that most of the time, this happens because a clear understanding of the terms and conditions, and especially the part about the wagering requirements is not achieved by the player. This of course affects the overall gaming experience.

What are these wagering requirements? Let’s imagine that a customer in a certain casino makes a deposit for $50 to claim a 100% bonus. This means that after the transaction is made, the client will have 100$ in his account. Now let’s imagine that this bonus has a 50x wagering requirement. This means that before being able to cash out any amount obtained thanks to this bonus, the customer must bet at least $5,000.

But why is this amount so big? It is simple. These requirements work with an easy mathematical equation: (D + B) x R = C. Here D is the deposited amount, B is the amount given by the promo, R is the wagering requirement, and C is the amount that a customer must gamble before withdrawing the winnings. Plugging in some numbers we have (50 + 50) x 50 = 5000.

FAQs about Bonuses?

How to get casino bonuses?

This is a question that has too many answers. Summarizing, if it matches a deposit or is of the free bet type, clients are required to make a deposit. If it gives a free spin package or belongs to the no deposit category, then other requirements must be fulfilled. Check the terms and conditions of each case.

Can I withdraw the winnings obtained with the bonus?

Yes, but make sure to fulfill the needed wagering requirements.

Which kind of bonus can be considered as the most popular?

The match ones are definitely the answer in this case. The big reason is that a majority of the welcome promos belong to this category, and it also is the benefit that most players encounter and claim.

Are online casino bonuses worth it?

Many of them are totally worth it. However, it is still essential to find, read, and understand the terms of use of each instance. Only with that type of information in mind you can answer to yourself whether a particular promo is worth it.

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