Online Slots

Slots are those kinds of games that produce a unique level of tension when pressing the button and observing those reels spinning until they eventually stop. There are those few seconds where nothing can be done and everything depends on pure luck. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the favorite in both real life and online casinos. And is also why it is a multi billion dollar industry by itself.

Author: Lawrence Curtis | Published: 2020.10.01 | Updated On: 2021.05.26

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However, it's fair to say that online slots have some big advantages over the ones offered by real life casinos. For example, in general online slots tend to have better odds. The reason is simple, the operating costs of online casinos are minimal when compared with physical casinos. This gives the company more margin to reward the customer with some amazing prizes.

Welcome bonuses are also a decisive advantage in favor of online real money casinos. If only their amount is considered, what is offered by online casinos is far better than what is found in real life casinos. These bonuses tend to be of the match type, this means that the customer makes a deposit, and the bonus will match a percentage or the entirety of the added amount.

Online slots also have the advantage of offering many banking methods to their customers. In real life casinos the only options are credit and debit cards, and cash. On the other hand, there are many digital wallets and online payment services that are totally compatible with online casinos, which give players more flexibility when deciding how to pay or how to withdraw their winnings.

Last but not least, online casinos can offer a larger catalogue of slots than real life ones. The latter is eventually limited by physical space when trying to fit different slot machines, whereas in the former there is virtually no limit in how many types of games they want to put in their platform. Also, there is a larger selection of jackpots, with some of them capable of growing into the millions of Canadian dollars.

Types of Online Slots

When walking around a different casino, it is easy to notice the variability between games. In online casinos, the wide array of types is even more present, promising even more playing alternatives. Some of them will be reviewed throughout this section.

Classic Slots

As the name implies, they are the first slot machines that were installed in real life casinos many decades ago. Those worked with mechanical parts that would spin, move, turn, stop, etc. Usually they would have three reels, with each of them having three different images or numbers. During recent years many real life casinos have replaced these mechanical machines for computer-based ones that display all the action in a screen, however the principle behind them remains the same. Obviously, online casinos will show digital versions of these classic games, who have all the charm and possibilities offered by their real life counterparts.

Video Slots

The main difference between these progressive slots and the other ones is that rather than giving an instant prize in a given round, there is a pot that accumulates as each round passes. If a player gets a lucky streak, these jackpots can grow in an almost unlimited manner. It is not unusual for these progressive slots to give from time to time prizes worth millions of Canadian dollars. Some of the most famous examples of this variation of the game include the Mega Fortune Dreams and the Mega Moolah.

Online Slots

Popular Real Money Slots

As said before, online slot machines can feature almost any topic that can be imagined, and after some time, some of these types have become almost legendary. Here there will be a top five, in no particular order, of some of the most popular real money slot machines.

Mega Moolah

Probably the most popular and famous example of all. It was created by the respected Microgaming studio and features images of jungle animals. It has a total of five reels and 25 paylines, which means that players in general have good chances of winning. It has an RTP of 94%, which is quite good when compared with other machines. An interesting fact of Mega Moolah, is that some time ago a player started with 25 cents and won 20 million dollars thanks to its progressive jackpot. This is a nice reason to give this game a try.

Gonzo’s Quest

Another highly popular entry of this list of video slots. It has been developed by NetEnt and besides having some very attractive visuals, it also features some interesting characteristics. For example, it has 5 reels and 20 paylines. However, it also implemented what is called avalanche reels. In this case, in some specific circumstances, winning symbols simply explode on the screen, and others take their place. In practical terms, this means that the player gets effectively free spins when this happens. All of this has made Gonzo’s Quest a true fan favourite.


Also developed by NetEnt, it offers an experience literally out of this world, as it features cosmic elements and great opportunities. As most video slots, it has 5 reels and 10 paylines. Its graphics are also very attractive, which give some kind of modern-retro vibe, and can make some people travel back to their youth, while fascinating more younger players. Each jewel and gem will have a different value. However, after some time, a player can have a real Starburst, where everything becomes wild and increasingly more free spins are given to the player.

Thunderstruck II

Going back to Microgaming, this game was released back in 2010, and it features the Nordic mythology and gods, which is a truly fascinating topic for many people. Besides the usual symbols that need to be arranged along the paylines for growing the jackpot, from time to time there can be fantastic bonuses. For example, there is what is called the Wildstorm, it can appear literally from nowhere, and it will turn all 5 reels into wild reels during a single spin. This is probably the best opportunity for gaining huge prizes.

Book of Ra

If someone is more into Egyptian mythology, then this is the perfect game for that individual. Book of Ra is featured in almost every real life and winning casino. People love it because of its free spin possibilities, and because at any moment the reels can explode to give some fantastic winnings. It has been developed by Novomatic and has 5 reels and 9 paylines. But this is not simply another slot game that features an exotic topic. It comes with tons of mini games that can allow players to grow their pot even more.

Of course, these were only a few examples of what is actually offered by online casinos. There are hundreds of more examples developed by dozens of companies. While it is impossible to list them all in a single article, below it is possible to check a list with some honourable mentions:

  • Razor Shark
  • The Demon Code
  • Mega Joker
  • Jackpot Giant
  • Break Da Bank

Regardless of which one is your favourite, or which one has obtained your attention, all of them promise hours of fun and some excellent rewards.

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Tips to Win in Online Slots

When describing the Mega Moolah something called the RTP was mentioned. This is a metric used by slot machine developers to measure how much of the total money invested by all players in a single machine is eventually returned. In the same example of the Mega Moolah, it was said that it has an RTP of 94%. This means that of the total amount spent by all players in it, 94% of the money went back to some lucky players, while the other 6% went to the casino.

This is a parameter to take into account when attempting to choose a slots game. Higher RTP games are recommended for beginners, as they offer a better winning probability overall. For example, Starburst has a 96,08% RTP. This means after enough tries, it is possible to obtain a prize. RTP doesn’t say anything about how big a prize can be, it simply refers to the chance of getting a payout in general. Another slot recommended for beginners besides Starburts is The Demon Code. Another extremely important tip is to set a betting limit and stick to it. There are many dramatic stories of people who broke their wallets believing that the next play was going to be the lucky one. Self-control is a fundamental aspect to not turn your slot experience into a nightmare. In the same tone, you should keep a cold head and know when to quit. If you are having a streak of bad luck, nothing can guarantee that a good play is coming soon. On the other hand, no winning streak lasts forever.

When choosing the best slot machine, besides looking at the RTP, it is recommended that people also pay attention to the number of paylines. The higher the better, as they represent the number of possible winning arrangements. Games with progressive jackpots are great too, as they have a lower overall risk. Finally, side games can be a nice supplement to some slot machines.

Slots FAQs

Probably no online casino game creates as many questions as slot machines do. Many people really want to know if the game is rigged, or if they really have a chance to win. Let’s review a few questions with respective answers.

Is it legal to play online slots in Canada?

As long as the casino that hosts it is legal, then the game is legal too. In order to know if a person is in a legal casino, it is necessary to see if it has been recognized and licensed. Canada can be considered as a reliable license-provider country to determine whether a casino is legal or not.

How to find the best online slot games?

There are many casinos available to Canadians that offer really entertaining slot machines. In general, it is recommended to find sites that offer games created by some reputable studio, such as NetEnt or Microgaming. Those games are among the best that can be found anywhere. As said in the tips section, also pay attention to how much in average a specific game pays, for determining if it's the best possible choice.

What are online slot games?

They are the virtual counterparts of the slot machines located in real life casinos. Almost every land-based slot machine has a virtual counterpart, with exactly the same features for customers to play, enjoy and win with.

What are the software companies behind slot games?

There are many famous studios that have developed lots of very famous slot games. Examples include Novomatic, NetEnt and Microgaming. However, it is useless to have the best games if they are not housed in a reliable casino. For this reason, once again, people are recommended to check reviews and certifications obtained by specific casinos, in order to make sure that their software is reliable and secure, and can provide the best gaming experience to the customer.

Also, take into account whether the used software allows playing from mobile devices if this is very important for you. Not all sites can offer this possibility. Some of them by offering the possibility of downloading their own apps, while others have a completely web-based service.

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